Welcome to the home of iCandy J'ouvert 2020.

iCandy J'ouvert is pleased to present our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

YEARS ON THE ROAD: This year it's our 9th installment of iCandy J'ouvert just to ensure you have one of the best J'ouvert experiences hands down.

REGISTRATION: Registration can ONLY be done at our Mas Camp located: Level 2, Montrose Mall, Chaguanas. Begins 25th January, 2020. Packages are to be collected ONLY on Carnival Saturday 22nd February, 2020 at our Mas Camp.

SECURE ROUTE: If it's one thing iCandy J'ouvert ensures Safety first for all our masqueraders whilst on the road. More information will be posted on our social media platforms as we get closer to J'ouvert Morning!

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