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I Candy J'ouvert was formed in 2011 by DJ Greg Entertainment to take J'ouvert in Chaguanas to a different level….

The concept of I Candy J'ouvert is to give the people of Central Trinidad the uptown experience closer to home. The first phase of the plan was the Band Launch and cooler party, which on December 10th 2011, attracted over 2000 patrons all of whom were left with a thirst for J'ouvert morning. I Candy was an idea that worked beautifully when the band hit the road for the first time in 2011 with over 800 patrons revelling the streets of Chaguanas in grand style.

DJ Greg, the mastermind behind I Candy is a popular radio and TV personality from Win Radio 101.1FM and Win TV. He is known for his passion with music, charismatic personality, and an out of the box thinker. He’s the one who’s always pushing the button to another level, and his level of creativity, youthfulness and passion is just some of what he bring to the band. DJ Greg have been working hard to make 2013 an even more memorable and ecstatic event.

I Candy’s 2013 presentation ‘Bubble on the road’ kicked off to a heated start from its Band Launch on December 1st 2012 which featured Iwer George, Partice Roberts, Swappi, Raymond Ramnarine, Ravi B and KI. Through pouring rain every act fired up the massive crowd with their performance and left the masqueraders anticipating J'ouvert morning 2013. The band intends to give patrons “D Ultimate Island Xperience”, and set a standard for others to follow.

From the success of 2012 and the great response so far for 2013’s presentation “Bubble on the Road”, I Candy is here to stay. I Candy’s mission is to create a new experience every year and become one of the leaders in Carnival. 

Check us out on facebook “ I Candy J’ouvert “or even call us @ 868-476-1000. 

Don’t be left out of the Excitement….